Tiny interactions from your life that you still think about

I was leaving the loos in a bar somewhere - might have been Strongrooms in Shoreditch - and there’s a guy walking towards me and we do the classic stepping from side to side to get out of each others way, but it goes on for an awkwardly long time. I look down and think “Weird. He’s got the same trainers on as me”… Ah. It’s a mirror.

Some bloke behind me just looked at me like I was insane.


I was that arsehole that (accidentally) skips a long queue of traffic and merges in at the last possible point yesterday. Think that’s going to haunt me for a while. I could feel 50 people behind me thinking “what an utter, utter prick”.

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Do they not get told to say stuff like this sometimes to make you feel good about your purchase?

only option after that mishap really innit

As opposed to “You sure you want to be frittering away your child’s education fund on this shit?”.

You’d have to be pretty unlucky to get nabbed by a lion poking your head out of a sun roof. Given that they’ll happily drive you around in open-sided jeeps it would seem a bit illogical to complain.

You’ve just made me all nostalgic for the sound of dung beetles and giant land snails crunching under the car wheels…

pretty sure my local hipster beer shop do that

they always say something like “that’s an awesome selection of beer you have there”. Think they say that to all the middle aged men with too much disposable income


I’ve had a few weird comments. Worst one was when I was 19, in Sainos locs buying Kleenex Mansize tissues and not much else. The attrative lass at the til, said “mansize?” with a coy smile as she scanned them. I was uttlerly mortified. Literally could not say anything in response.



“They’re for my penis”


another missed shop assistant boning

Only thing in my head was “H-how do you know…?” Was not going to give the whole game away saying that

I was sat in the library pretty early one morning trying to do some work and procrastinating by picking at a hangnail for ages, which eventually started bleeding so I decided to squeeze it and started rubbing my bleeding finger all over a sheet of A4 paper like some kind of insane blood painting

Being in my own little world I don’t notice an attrative browsing the shelves near me who spots the blood paper (it’s surprisingly well covered at this point), does this weird grimace / :frowning: face and turns around all walks away quickly

tl;dr: chicks dig blood paintings



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To be honest I could sum up any contribution to this thread from my end with ‘most interactions with ladies since 2014’.

Even good ones. Overthinkaroony.


It needs a speech bubble reading “Get back in the fucking bus!”


Played a gig a few weeks ago and did the usual single, lonely thing of quickly scoping out the most likely future wife in the audience. I had to play some ridiculous drum solo thing and after I finished got a standing ovation – in amongst which I noticed her give me a massive smile. No good way to react to that, so I chose ‘never look at her again’.

I will die alone.


Yeah these were the only (couple of) ones that sprang to my mind initially, only despite being pretty tiny interactions by most people’s standards, to me they were pretty damn significant.

So I did one about toilets instead.