Tiny interactions from your life that you still think about

Were you miked up? In which case you should have said “and here’s something for the lovely lady in the [insert distinctive clothing characteristic here]” and then done something clever with a cymbal.

Instant babies.

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This has done me


I’m listening…

Fold it into a swan?


I’m not doing all the work for you here. I’m all about the big idea. The details are your responsibility.

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same, great work @profk

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I really wish I could see into more peoples minds when they’re interacting with one another.

it really was

Hmm, I’ve liked this, but I don’t like it. That film is too offensive :scream:

Running over dung beatles?!?! Holy fucking shit, you’re not even supposed to run over the elephant crap, so they can collect it!


You don’t even see them before you crunch them. Actually that’s not strictly true. I remember at the beginning thinking my eyes were deceiving me when it seemed like the elephant poo on the road was moving.

reminds me of a time I was driving through this desert in California. Oh look - beautiful yellow butterflies everywhere. How lovely

Get to our destination

Oh look, our hire car is covered in the corpses of thousands of butterfiles


Remember being on holiday with my grandparents when I was little and a really loud man stopping us in the street to ask us where we were from and if we were enjoying our holiday. Weird thing was nobody had any idea who he was and he both looked and sounded like a TV presenter. I’m not sure if he was the local Count Arthur Strong-type or an escaped Butlins Redcoat

At a gig once, an older woman came up to me and asked me if I was Elliott. Apparently, she hadn’t see him in a few years.

ahh, reminds me of when a stoned out man in the park asking me if I was Jimmy and me going ehhh and the situation getting increasingly awkward as he thought I was having him on. Not good…

I once sold a CD player to a short, older, bald man. I had to take his name and address for guarantee purposes, so asked him what his surname was. “Eno” was his reply. So I said “Oh yeah, Brian is it?” to which he replied “Yes”. I said “Alright, Brian Eno”. Still relatively mortified to this day.


When I was 13, I won the most improved player award at the football awards for my team. Which basically meant I was rubbish.

John Salako (Crystal Palace player) was giving out the awards, as we went to shake hands we kept putting the wrong hand out for what seemed like ages. In the end he just grabbed my hand and gave me the trophy, which I promptly dropped and broke.

I walked off to hysterical laughter, I’ve never got over it.


Did you win most improved award-acceptor the following year