Tiny Mix Tapes hiatus

Came here to start this topic. Made loads of discoveries through it back in the day but haven’t read it since maybe 2013? Found the writing a bit overworked with metaphor at times but that seemed a small price to pay for how deep they were in genres I liked.


I discovered Menomena through that website, but to be honest, didn’t realise it was still going

It’s a shame, I think that’s where I first heard about JPEGMAFIA. I can’t say I visit too regularly, though. The writing style isn’t really what I look for, especially in reviews, but they’re brilliant at picking out otherwise relatively undiscovered records.

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Hadn’t check in on them in a long time, but their end of decade list is one of the only ones that I’ve read that isn’t the usual suspects in the usual order. It also does a little digging to ask who the artists who influenced those big hitters were and gives them their dues.

Made me glad the publication was still around, so I’m disappointed to hear it… isn’t anymore.

I used to go to it a couple of times a week, loved how utterly random it was. The Kanye essay they wrote as part of their end of decade coverage was one of my fave bits of writing in recent memory, and listened to an absolute shedload of weird stuff - both great & awful - through there. Now FACT don’t really do reviews either, wonder if anyone will pick up that slack… Shame.


For anyone who is interested.

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