Tiny Moving Parts

I listened to Swell quite a bit in 2018, but haven’t been keeping up with this lot since.

Anyway, they’re playing in Utrecht tonight, and I’m in the mood for some live music. Anyone here seen them live before, they any good?

saw them at slam dunk a few years ago, they were very good

Loved Swell when it came out, but took issue with what I read as a bit of a non-apology re: cw sexual assault allegations


I saw them at slam dunk a few years ago and thought they were alright. Was amazed they werent English

2019? i could have been stood right next to famed community.drownedinsound.com member TKC and not even known it!

That was the year! Leeds one?



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Stopped listening after I found out one of them was an abuser.

Oh dear, looks like I’m gonna be finding something else to do this evening then!