Tip day Tuesday Thread

Morning all

Another gloriously sunny morning and I’ve got a slot booked to throw my household tat into some big skips later this morning. Life doesn’t get any better.

Please, friends, come along and share your thoughts and plans for the day and regale us with your tip-based tales of excitement.


Good morning to you, also sunny here in Hertfordshire. Coffee, work, and maybe trying to fix the kitchen plinth things as a bonus activity. No real skip stories sorry.

Got home at 5.30 from my night shift. Am now awake and doing drop offs of various humans in my household. So that’s an hour and a half sleep tops. Will be dropping the eldest off in a bit and then I’m going for a mooch round a wood


It is a nice day, eh? I foolishly bought full fat rather than semi skimmed milk last night courtesy of Co op’s dark green branding, so my cereal tastes a bit different this morning

Might dye my hair this afternoon. It’s about time I was blonde again


Awake at 4:30. At Gatwick. Too many people.


Where bounce you going hun

Hiya :wave:

Got a meeting at 9 which is too early imo, then a new tour at 11 which i have not planned or learned but feeling confident about my abilities to pull it off :muscle:(:grimacing:)

I cant see chai, breakfast or lunch fitting into my day and I’m quite quite hungry.

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Got work

Feel aaaawwwful

So nice outside :heart_eyes: wish I was off to the tip.

Gonna walk with my girlfriend to the train station then string that out into an hours walk or so back to the flat, then quite an intense day of work before a presentation tomorrow morning.

I’m not going to the tip but I am going to my tip-adjacent former office to return my laptop and etc.

Might go buy a guitar afterwards.

Oh man can you take all the junk from my yard please? It’s been there for years.

Awaiting the excitement of a flat inspection, mere months after our last one. Ah well, the guy seemed nice, place is decently tidy, easy enough

Will buy some stuff to make me feel alive I guess

Made rocky road last night but didn’t have most of the stuff I thought I had in (i.e. biscuits, marshmallow) and I’ve ended up inadvertently made something that tastes almost exactly like ferrero rocher so WIN


Surely you can’t call it a rocky road without biscuit and marshmallow. Those are the fundamental ingredients aren’t they?



Yep, but rocky road was the intention.

So it’s dark chocolate, butter, golden syrup, chopped hazelnuts, and smashed cornflakes/malteasers.

Slightly bumpy road, perhaps?


Its like in the summer when the council go out and just spread a load of gravel on the surface.

Someone I follow on Instagram just posted the answer to today’s wordle and my goodness they’re getting a slamming for it.

Woke up with so many night sweats last night. Not feeling wonderful. Going to glug some tea and get to work!

Morning all xxxx

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Had the dream again where I put on a club night in that London and @Mert_Aksac @anon75298087 @TheBarbieMovie2023 and me were the DJs but this time I made us all dress up like mods (the parka kind not the forum prefect kind). Good fun.