TIP: The flat peaches in Tesco at the moment are A1

49p a pack. Make sure you get the shortest dated ones. Truly outstanding.

(bought 4 non flat ones from Sains at the weekend for £2 and they were shite, inedible)

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thanks for the heads up.

what is a flat peach?

Not really into peaches, if I’m honest.

Who died and made you Martin Lewis? WHO?

Martin Lewis.

God rest his stingy soul.

fucking LOVE these, thanks

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that’s a doughnut peach mate.


Whatever. barmcake

aka “Saturn Peach”

They were the new craze back in 2009

Taste is not a fad

You never see flat nectarines nearly as much

sorry, supersweet or nothing.



We used to do them, but they could never get the quality sorted. So we just do doughnut peaches now

I tried to be as nice as I could

Same Old Brand New You by A1 was a banger

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I’ve always called them paraguayo peaches.

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