Tipping Point

A gameshow that combines the mindless banality of quiz questions an 11 year old would scoff at, and the empty wistfulness of those 2p machines you get in seaside arcades. It’s awful, but, weirdly compelling.

Clearly one of those where they came up with the name first and fit the concept around it.

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I applied to go on Tipping Point. Got an audition but couldn’t attend. Gutted.

I like it for it’s shitness. It also drives me berserk when people go for stupid drop-zone choices.

Ben Shepherd is a very bad presenter but fits perfectly for the crapness of the show.

Every one I’ve seen has just seen EVERYONE go after the same drop zone on a perpetual cycle of thinking that’s the one most likely to push some tokens off. Seems a bit pointless to even give them a choice.

There should be a term to describe people like Ben Shepherd and Stephen Mulhern and Matt Baker but I don’t know what it should be. It’s a definite archetype though

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Also, imagine having the job of setting it up. Do you have to stand there and put hundreds in until you get a good shelf forming? Must take ages.

What gets me right is after the very first coin drop, we all know what row they need to drop down and yet he asks after every fucking question. Must take up about 5 minutes of every episode. Sad!

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Sometimes they go for another drop zone if the jackpot counter just isn’t happening just to get their money up a bit.

(Someone did it on Tuesday and it backfired massively, got no extra counters and he would probably have got the jackpot down if he’d kept at it!)

Really really bad.

But as you say, strangely compelling.

It’s an integral part of the game structure, impossible to get rid of and a big part of what makes it excruciating to watch. Producers should’ve seen it a mile off.

Compelling in the same way as Deal Or No Deal

Yeah it’s the absolute worst.

Shepherd’s continued career in television is one of the most mystifying things in all the universe.

You know what Geoff I didn’t mind him as a kid on GMTV, he used to brighten my mornings considerably.

Wonder what Cat Deeley’s up to these days

“I like my ketchup warm and my presenters unbearable insipid”

Man I used to think you were cool. Genuinely.

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Married to Patrick Kielty.

Mad ain’t it.