Tipping Point

Strikes me as the man with the biggest selling British debut album of 2016 and the best quiz show on TV mate so shove it up your bollocks


Reckon if I went for a pint with him he’d stand up the entire time, but leaned over the table at a right angle, staring at the one armed bandit and muttering about women he met in the 90s.

Reckon he’d charm the pants off you mate, you’d come away posting a thread about what a superb guy Bradley Walsh is


Yeah and going “when we hitting up the strippers then?” every 20 minutes even though it’s only 4.30 in the afternoon.

Perhaps, I don’t think our two hypotheses are mutually exclusive.

What a beautiful sentiment :slight_smile:

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oh shit I applied for Tipping Point last weekend when drunk

genuinely forgot about that

Just watched a bit of this

What the fuck?

Not so much the concept, the incredible amount of anxiety in the contestants and how into it they are.