Tips for 2019

What new acts do you reckon will #breakthrough in 2019?

Only acts whose debut full-length or EP is due to come out in 2019 in this thread please.

Juke’s band. @AQOS


Big Joanie

Thurston Moore started a label just to sign these guys. Just came off a European tour supporting Parquet Courts and their album is out Friday. Stripped down riot grrrl punk with melodic vocals.


Heard good things about U2

Ben Osborn

Multi-instrumentalist with his debut album Letters From The Border due in spring, and the first single from it is a good litlte slice of despair-drenched autumnal pop. The inclusion of violin brings Andrew Bird comparisons, but it’s the rish electronica and simple stripped vocals that really sets it apart.

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Das Body

Graceland is just perfect electro-pop built around a simple hook so good it’s mostly repeated. Listened to this track a ton of times, look forward to a full length.

Probably quite a few acts tipped last year and the year before. No acts are really breaking through any more are they?

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Depends on how you define breaking through.

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I think what used to be hype through the summer, set at Leeds/Reading, club tour October-November, album January (sounds of list etc.), tour of academies, other stage slot at Glastonbury on Saturday before a tour of o2 venues in the autumn and inclusion in the Mercury long list has disappeared has disappeared.

It’s probably turned into something a bit more natural into finding new bands all year round.

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Always mug yourself with rules in these threads! Why couldn’t it be an EP???


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Edited just4u

Based on thread rules, expecting debuts albums from

Nilüfer Yanya
Kelsey Lu
Malibu Ken (Tobacco and Aesop Rock)


Black Midi
Black Country, New Road


This thread was a great predictor of the future

Started a new one

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Could stick them in the name an artist you reckon no one has thought about in years thread

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