Tips for an all nighter (work not fun)

I’ve done a couple of very very late nights since doing this MA but I’m really fucked with this essay workload and it’s due tomorrow night at midnight and tomorrow evening will be for all the inane shit like formatting and figuring out references etc.

Tonight I have everything else to do so I almost certainly have to work through until breakfast. I’ve had a migraine on and off since Friday, really bad pains and loss of vision so it’s not going to be easy - any tips to get me through it and keep me motivated. I can’t drink caffeine btw.

power naps?

s’all i’ve got

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Not really reliable because my daughter wakes up a fair bit in the night still so I can’t rely on any down time as she’ll only disturb it.


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Listen to your body, mate. Nothing’s worth getting ill over.

Know it’s not what you want to hear, but…

The MA Student Who Wouldn’t Slow Down?



Yeah I know but if I fail that unit because of a headache I’ll be pretty pissed off at repaying my student loan for the rest of my life.

Spend some time planning? So that the time spent working is best utilised… :confused:

DRUGS (caffeine if you’re still BFing, class As if you’re not!)

Srsly though, I used to do allnighters for work frequently, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had to and I’m not sure what I’d advise now bar drugs. I think regular blasts of fresh air, staying a little bit hungry to keep you sharp, and coffees, are the best I can offer!


I can’t do caffeine, think I have an allergy or something, and the only drugs I have are pretty old now so will probably make me barf (…and I’m still BF)

Fresh air is good. I like going outside at night time, might look for the fox. I’m writing about nature anyway so it’ll help :slight_smile:

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I do love planning and making lists, though as a form of procrastination.

I always used to stop in the dead of night (at like 3.30am) and have a shower and clean my teeth. Always helped with staying awake


Good shout. I think the worst thing about it for me is no one to talk to in the middle of the night, just to go “aaaaggggggh!” at. Maybe I’ll Skype my brother in America (for the first time in my life)

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So if you have 12 hours to work… and x many words to do or chapters or something then do so many every 2 hours. Then reward yourself with a chocolate and a 10 minutes break and that.

Then you won’t spend the first 6 hours on only 10% of the work… or aim to finish it with an hour to spare and the last hour as a reread/edit

Is there any room for applying for an extension? Most Universities / colleges have some sort of Mitigating Circumstances / Extenuating Factors process. Childcare is always a fairly nailed-on reason for extensions - anyone with a kid knows time-management is a bloody impossible concept…

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I’ll run out to the shops to stockpile food and drink (all I’m taking from your good advice is “reward yourself with a chocolate”)

Equal to 1Kg bar yeah :slight_smile:

Well I was going to get a docs appointment and a note so I could ask because it’s really pretty bad migraine-wise BUT I had an extension last year because of Jnr not sleeping and I don’t know if you can have more than one so thought I’d best just crack on. I’ve written all my other essays in two late but not full nights, so I reckon I can do it (and got merits/distinctions)

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Of course. I’m going to have to do the thoughtful face of someone who is buying treats for loads of people when I go in the shop so as not to look like a pig. Hmm, would Mandy like the 5 pack of Twirls or the Wispas?

Best get both to be safe. I’m sure Toby will have one