Tips For Boosting Yor Likes

Hey guys, ma0sm here.

I just wanted to check in on everyone and see how their like game is going. I feel it’s been long enough that we here at the drowned in sound boards have grasped the difference in harvesting likes compared to harvesting thises, but to keep that sort of knowledge to yourself is just selfish. It’s just selfish.

So I thought I’d start this thread so we could share our collective wisdom as to how to really gather up those likes and then we can share it with someone who’s getting a little ‘down in the dumps’ at their number of likes.

I’ll start us off in the replies.

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When the thread has a question in it, give one answer per reply. That way, someone can like your single response (or not). If you have multiple answers in one reply, the other user is less likely to agree with the whole selection and can only like it if they are a 100% match.


If you say thanks to Discobot, you get an automatic like from it

thanks @discobot!


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Just yanking your chain, mate


When someone makes a spelling mistake, make a joke based on that spelling mistake! It’s a bit of fun!

You’ll notice that I put the word Yor in the title there, that was intentional

I’ve been considering just straight up saying “Please like this post” at the end of my posts. Almost as an email signature of sorts.


I like when you get like one a month cause it feels special. Thanks


Like every other post on the board!

They’re free, so why not?

That way, people will think you like them and will be more willing to give you a like back.

Give it a try!

Incorporating Discobot into your response was a neat move, my friend. Great job!

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similar every youtube video ending with a request you to like and subscribe and donate to their patreon?

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There is a thread to ask specific DiSers a specific question that is perfect for scenarios like this

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Great use of hastags there @allnerve !

(Also note how I have at’d this user, guaranteed to score at least one ‘like’!)


Exactly like this.

Don’t forget to smash that ‘Like’ button if you enjoyed this post and please tell your friends and family about Antpocalypsenow!


Lol @anon5266188

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You’ve got to be funny and weird but not too funny or weird


Create a board of other users using client side automation software and write scripts that allow them to like particular posts by changing a few parameters!

Your robot army is a few clicks away!

This is great advice from a high profile user, team.

@Ruffers can you please provide an example of one of your posts that achieves this for the class?

That’s tricky because I’m never joking