Tips for finding cheap deals

Any tips or websited for finding any sort of deals, be it package or any other single components.

Anyone ever went on one of these Groupon type deals?

is good for pc game deals.

Very useful Travel Guide Board content, this.


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Deku Deals if you own a Switch is amazing, tracks all game prices over time and you can set notifications.

Is Groupon even still going? Mrs HYG used to work there and it was a basket case. The deals were rarely worth the hassle.

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Jack’s flight club - mailing list & FB page.

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Holiday Pirates

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Thank you!

Drowned In Sound

Serious answer,

If you don’t have to pick specific time off ahead of time;

  • pick a month
  • pick an airport you can get to
  • Go on the airlines and search everywhere for the month and just pick the cheapest flight that looks like a decent place to go and put it in your basket but don’t complete
  • Quickly jump on and check hotels aren’t crazy prices for that week and theres plenty of availability
  • Book flight
  • Book hotel with a rate where you get cancellation up to the day before
  • Keep checking the hotels to see if you can get anything better cheaper
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google flights has a thing where you can pick an airport and a outward and return date and it’ll give you a big map of the world with how much it costs to fly pretty much anywhere


I always use this it’s amazing


Book flights as soon as they go on sale. Saved £180 on flights to Zurich that way - £99 on initial issue, currently on sale for £279.

I use Skyscanner for flights, you can search by destination or just see where’s cheap for your dates.

This can be interesting to browse, but you have to be lucky to get a decent time/place combo

Yeah, pisses me off how it’ll say “from £40” to somewhere and it’s literally one flight at 4am on a Tuesday and the first are £200

Just walk