Tips for keeping up with new releases

The DiS new release thread is my number one go to. Then it’s record store socials, which is good for vinyl and rereleased stuff. Always find something in my Release Radar among the remixes and what seems like the weekly Bowie song which is always thrown in.


I’m mainly a Spotify stan. I listen through the Discover Weekly playlists, and follow any artists I like/and add them to a playlist for posterity. Then just sit and wait to see what pops up on my new releases each Friday - generally have no idea what is being released until then.
I’m relieved that my new releases/release radar isn’t messed up like other people’s seems to be - it never pops up with any artists that I’m not following, so I never feel like it’s trying to promote any gumpf that I’m not interested in.

I obviously love the new music Friday threads here. I wonder when the first thread was created on this board and if it was a weekly hit straight away? My Fridays would feel quite bereft with out them now!


Yeah rateyourmusic for me. It’s where I catalog and rate everything I own and have listened to. There’s a new release feed on you profile page based on what you’ve cataloged. Also their charts are useful and customizable, but I don’t use them that often.

Also follow some artists, labels, and independent publications on FB and Instagram, so get news from them.


That’s interesting. I’m sure I used Rateyourmusic forever ago. I had a phase of loving GoodReads too. Will have a look.

DiS keeps me covered, but also find a lot of good stuff comes up from following Bandcamp on Twitter.

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Yeah Release Radar seems mostly stuffed with releases by bands I already know and checked out, or cash-in re-releases by old acts I am not really bothered by.

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The Release Radar playlist on Spotify is decent. Updates every week with new releases of artists you listen to regular, plus a few curveballs.

I cancelled my Spotify account a while back, but the free version still has the “What’s New” bell icon on the iPhone app and it still retains the artists I followed when I was a subscriber. So I use that as it tells you immediately about new releases and you don’t have to wait for the weekly radar playlist (which is often a bit too algorithmy for my liking)

Generally go to Bandcamp armed with my new release knowledge now.