Tips for staying awake at work

nearly asleep in my chair here and I have to be in the office for at least another five fucking hours


how do I stay awake? Or should I just go and have a quick 15 minutes in the sleep room and be done with it?

Get enough sleep the night before.




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Also unless you work with Matt Pike, I think the solution is staring you in the face.

but it’s just next to the reception and there are a lot of people in reception right now

I don’t want to just casually walk through reception & lock myself into the sleep room for half an hour

…or do I?

Do you have to stay in the actual office?

Maybe a change of scenery might help if not.




Fine. Your next best option is to get a bulldog clip and shut it on your scrotum.

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I guess I could go and take a little stroll, there’s apparently a rooftop terrace on the building, never been up there

I have my aircon blasting cold all day. Keeps me awake, keeps other people out of my suite. Win-win.

Try not to piss off it while you’re up there.

I’ve been transcribing all afternoon and the office dog waking up and deciding to destroy his little bed gave me a good pick me up for the remainder of the day


Then some more coffee.

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post/username interface

I don’t drink coffee at work - makes me too hyper

(yeah, I know)

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woah, high workplace self-standards

how about a cheeky bump instead

Honestly, every time I see this picture it cracks me up. It never fails to make me laugh.

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Drink lots and lots of water. Worst case scenario is that you piss yourself when you fall asleep

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Can of Monster for breakfast.

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Would genuinely rather suffer the bulldog technique.


err, I don’t work in the UK

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