Tips for staying awake at work

Just need someone to shock/scare you every once in a while

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power nap, triple spoon coffee w/o milk, avoid sugars

Fuckin’ BOO!


All I’m saying is that I’ve never fallen asleep at work since I started this nutritious breakfast habit.

(Might be because of the second one in the afternoon though)

this reminds me, did @anon5266188 ever finish his coffee chart journey/ have a red eye?

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I’m sending this to the next plum who tells me they’re terrible for me.

Guys, I went to the sleep room

It was locked and there was loud snoring from within

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Next stop: stationery cupboard.

I used our sleep room for the first time in our office. It was hard to sleep, it’s right next to a meeting room where our CFO was screaming about something or other for 40 minutes. NOT RELAXING.


in the previous place I worked at the sleep room was just a mattress on top of an IKEA unit in the cavity between walls where the central air con fan was - right underneath the roaring outlet turbine

I made a complaint to the arbetsmiljöumbud but heard nothing back for 3 months, by which time I’d quit

ah, fuck this, I need some fresh air

gonna look for the rooftop terrace

sleep room!

I think it’s a requirement in offices in Sweden over a certain size.

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I’m packing my bags right now

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My journey has concluded with the purchase of a bean-to-cup machine for my home.


it is the place to be stationery after all

The happy ending we all deserve

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wear would we be without them?