🌞 🥵 Tips for the Heatwave 🌞 🥵

Thought it might be a good idea to compile any handy tips people might have for surviving the scary weather we have coming up.


I’m really quite worried about my mum in this weather and don’t have air-con. Maybe some of you have clever ideas about how to stay cool?

. buy lots of Ice Lollies

. Put cold water in a bowl next to a fan? Apparently this works?

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. My friend said something about opening windows at opposite sides of the house but this sounds like bullshit to me, why would I let hot air in?

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It lets a breeze through (but makes all the doors slam shut if you dont have doorstoppers)

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oh this is so good!


but won’t the breeze be 38 degrees?


You’ll have to take this up with a meteorologist


gotta be one on DiS surely


Wondering about packing my heavily pregnant gf off to a gallery with a cafe for the day so she can be somewhere air conditioned. My general tactic is to be as still as possible and try not to croak it at my desk.

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Honestly so good for getting to sleep, just have to make sure you pop it on the floor before completely nodding off so you don’t risk bursting it or whatever when it’s melted

I’ve wanted to use an umbrella as shade for ages but always felt a bit silly but i think next week is the week


Best keep windows closed if outside is hotter than indoors.

We bought some of these and they’re great:

Can probably get the same effect with a tea towel or old t-shirt though.

I like to wrap mine around my forehead like Rambo


Have a transfusion that replaces all your blood with Tango Ice Blast.


Purchased one hell of a fan last night. It’s terrific.


Sorry that I’m being a broken record her but don’t forget to have some frozen bottles of water (better still that blue Gatorade stuff) ready for labour. Sure I’ve told you this but hospitals are so hot anyway, I had one to hold to my chest in labour and then as it defrosted on me it was nice and cold to drink.


Would you say you’re a big satisfied customer?

(Not to be all woe is me but I’ll tell you what, having no cladding or insulation on the building during a heatwave like this is so much grimmer than having no cladding or insulation during the winter for me. Thank fuck I’m back in the office every day now with lovely, lovely AC)

I should

  • Go to the office (air conditioned but 40mins cycling and 50 mins train each way)
  • Wfh (no commute, no aircon)

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