I lost the button on the front of my trousers but I have discovered that if you pull your belt taut and do up your fly the button is unnecessary (at least during jumper season).


i might enjoy a “things that are taut vs things that are tight” thread

but then again i might not. hard to say at this point.

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Please do these things regardless of your button situation


Good Tips3

I’ve had my current belt for somewhere in the region of 12 years now, and I’d say it’s been worn on around 65% of all days during that time. Dreading the day it gives up.

I decaded my last one but then it passed away. Now running a team of two for the past couple of years.

I wish you the best of luck with this Balonz but I think this as a solution will become gradually less effective as the trouser material relaxes. Then one day you’ll stand up and realise the undone trouser top will be trying to escape both the belt and your jumper and just sort of rest beneath it, which is dangerous territory.

I could paint my crotch the same shade of blue as these trousers. That might help.

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You’re right that might help.

Realised this morning I’d been walking around for hours with no belt and fly undone but button done up. Would not recommend.

Wearing work trousers, work shirt and no belt today, a look I absolutely loathe.

We have been getting scruffier and scruffier in our HO outpost here. Bare minimum. Would like to take it jeans and t-shirt but think that may be a step too far.

I’ve been doing this too

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Depends how much pressure your girth is putting on the fastenings from the inside.

This has made me realise how unfairly I’ve been treating my belts all these years. One of them has to go to work every weekday and then gets hung in a dark cupboard at weekends; the other gets to lounge around on the bedroom floor all week and then get out and about for the weekend. I’m a monster.

You’ll be needing a button and a belt then.