Tired Sofa?

Yeah me too. It’s only five years old… Cats and kids will ruin a new one so I’ve ordered some stuffing and I’m going to try to inject some new life into it.

Will it be successful?

  • Highly
  • Somewhat
  • Barely
  • None
  • House on fire

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What a thread!

Probably will make it somewhat lumpy.

I’ll take that for one of the cushions, the one I am largely responsible for destroying.

What’s it currently stuffed with?

I don’t know. I have been watching some videos. It is not foam (which I think I would go for in the future). Some shit in shit that I don’t know what it is.

I watched some geezer put a load of stuffing in the bottom of a cushion forcing the old stuff up and that worked but he had sewn it in something and was a professional upholsterer.

My sofa is an absolute disgrace.

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I’m not tired sofa

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I hate our sofa. I refuse to sit on it

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I need to get mind mended. It’s a leather one and one of the seams has ripped which seems to be quite a challenging repair.

NGL Balonz this sounds like mad faff.

It sounds like the sort of thing that within half an hour you’ll have ensured your sofa had less filling than it had, but also without a way to get any new filling in.


So near, sofa


My leather sofa looked tired about a fortnight after I got a cat. It’s looked pretty much the same for the last ten years though.

I did forgot to mention my experience. I bought one of those triangular Thai cushions on my travels, the ones that fold out and you can lie on the length of them. Found some shit in a skip and stuffed it myself. Here it is:


Have you seen Money for Nothing? You should get some hipster furniture makers to reupholster it for a grand in neon colours then sell it to a wanky shop in Brighton.


I have not but they would need to resell it to me!

I tried to sleep on one of those before, uberfucked my back, but for sitting they are grand.

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I’ve slept on them, wouldn’t do it now.

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Put a throw on it noob.

you can order new cushion insides the size of your old ones

save you fucking about putting stuffing inside things