Tired Tuesday thread

Morning :wave:

How did you sleep? What’s in store for you today?

I’ve been up since 5am and am already at work. I’m very tired.

Slept pretty good :slightly_smiling_face:
Day of work, need to get some super glue and a couple of screws at lunch.
Then Kelly lee owens tonight… the venues been changed around 3 times now though :frowning: sure it’ll be fine.

Off to Liverpool for a meeting with my work crush, she’s leaving in a few months :broken_heart: so trying to work together as much as we can as we’re a good team.

Looking forward to going to the wheelie bin milkshake place again.

Man behind me on the bus saying how they went to a dive bar at the weekend because they wanted to go to an old man’s pub, y’know? These are two different things (also he went to a place that was neither) . Irked at 8am.


Slept surprisingly OK.

Have to do something really difficult today and am absolutely dreading it :cry:

Badly! Not even my boring history podcast could help me sleep. Had to get up for a lemsip at 4am.

Meant to be going out today so doing an LFT to make sure I’m ok

Not going to do any work today in protest at St Andrews Day not being a national holiday

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it


Morning all :wave:

Slept badly as I was worrying about house stuff. But I have another day off today so that’s good. Getting our oven cleaned too.

Gonna make these biscuits later I think:


Morning. Back feels a bit looser, trying to decide if I can do a full day at work without issue. Dropping my daughter off and then walking in will be the test. Nothing else doing today

Slept ok. Youngest is cutting teeth atm. Lots of broken sleep all round

What is the spice mix from page 33 pls chef?

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Take it to the eating aas thread


Good morning!

I did a very good sleep last night and am feeling well refreshed for it. I can’t think of anything exciting happening today, except that I need to go and buy some milk at some point. Rock’n’roll

Morning! Slept pretty well but my girlfriend has come down with a cold so I’m staying topped up on vitamins and hoping i get away without catching it. Workwise nothing too stressful I hope, but life has ways of surprising you.

I’ve not made these before but I made Christmas tree gingerbread for the youngest yesterday so I’m on a roll!

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Slept about 5 hours

Was woken by the cats once, which is a lot less than normal but still annoying

Had planned to spend half the day in the office & half the day in the studio but instead I’m at home with the little one who is off school with a cold/flu/fever thing

So yeah…a day of posting on here I guess

Morning all!

I think everyone in house was tired and slept well because we all woke up late.

I’ve got a class to prep before 9.30 and another new one to make up by 1.30. Both are revised versions of greatest hits from my lesson bank though.

We were supposed to be hosting The Child’s friend tonight while his parents went out but the event got cancelled so I don’t have to entertain another child this evening. We’re still having pizza for tea though.

Was a ridiculously hot and sweaty mess all night - and not for happy reasons.

Day 6 of covid symptoms. Feel worse than ever, with a really tight chest and shortness of breath. A little bit scared now ngl.

Wish it would just fuck off now.

GWS Weeber :heart:


Mornin all!

Had a decent sleep and feeling pretty good this morning despite going for a run and getting my Covid booster yesterday. Arm is a bit sore, but all good otherwise.

Had my porridge and had my cup of tea. Off out for a bike ride in a bit.

Morning ssh, all

Slept decent, woke up in the mood to listen to Cher. Should give me the inspiration to be extra divaesque at work today. For the next 48 hours I will either be at work, band practice or asleep. Tired just thinking about it. Coffee!


Found a spider with a skull on its bum!!