'Tis Thursday!

Good morning DiS! It is Thursday, and a beautiful morning for us to look at and hopefully enjoy briefly at some point. Is everyone well? What’s your plans? What’s the most interesting thought you’ve had since waking up? These and other questions will surely be answered within.


Beautiful day out there

Been awake for 36 hours but should be home soon.
Manchester to Leeds rush hour train is really quiet which is good news


Welcome back!


our first oddbox arrived. there’s a bloody melon in it! any interesting things to do with melon guys? I am not keen on melon but beggars cannot be choosers in the new world I guess.

having a coffee before jumping on the turbo then starting “work” for the day

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Walk to work pictures upcoming in the next hour. Weirdly looking forward to it. There’s a park with path so I might get some chalk from my classroom and draw an NHS :rainbow: on my way home later.
Asda shop coming later this evening. Honestly quite excited to see the shite they attempt to give as substitutions.
Might have a drink later.


Cheers. Gonna be weird being locked in a house after doing whatever I wanted for 6 months. :grinning:


Yeah, that’s quite a stark transition!

Rocket and melon, good start - if you’ve got anything salty about like feta or halloumi, that’s a fantastic salad with a little olive oil and lemon juice. Maybe add some dried chilli flakes to funk it up a bit, or fennel seeds (or both, follow your arrow)

I know you’ll have some ace bread to have it with too.


Back off to work in a bit. Opening hours have altered so my late finish isn’t as late as it normally would be. Gotta come back half way through for a midwife appointment too. Weird day.

On the rota to be in school today, I’m teaching all of KS2, expecting 3 in…

Joe Wicks, Maths, maybe some gardening, probably some painting. Quite a nice distraction apart from the obvious fact there’s only about 5 people in school




Thur’s Day.

Nah, never heard of it.



Awful night sleep - firstly trying to get off, then the shittest of anxiety dreams.

So so tired this morning.

Work until about 2, then pick the kids up. Might take them out for our mandated daily exercise and then try and find something my daughter might eat for dinner.

Roll on bedtime.

It’s definitely Thursday because the surveyor whose dictation I’m typing just said ‘Door to the en-suite is hung,’ and my brain went ‘Fnaarrrr’

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It’s business time!


Dreamt that an instrumental I made years ago got played on Hollyoaks slightly remixed and I was trying to show everyone in disbelief.

Woke up and immediately remembered some random extremely embarrassing moment from about 15 years ago.


Should @barleysugar get up and join me on my walk to work (20 minute round trip) and enjoy the little walk around the grass then come back home and make a little coffee to settle down for his own work for 9.

  • Yes barls it’s good for your mental health have a little walk
  • Nah fuck it stay in bed

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@barleysugar everyone else thinks it’s a good idea. You have to respect the poll. I’m leaving in 14minutes


Hello DiS,

It’s an exciting day - we’ve got a Sainsbury’s delivery coming some time before 10, hopefully. Then tonight we’ve got a 50th birthday party being conducted over Zoom, which could be, erm, interesting.

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Just tried to put milk in my tea despite there already being milk in my tea. What am I like? What a card!