Hej! It’s Tuesday! What are you up to this fine day?

I’m off to watch Brommapojkarna later in a Superettan top-of-the-table clash with Dalkurd. Victory pretty much guarantees promotion, I think. They are managed by ‘handsome fridge’ Olof Mellberg.



Morning ssf!! :wave: :slight_smile:

Football? :+1: sounds good!

I woke up with this in my head, yep.


My day so far:


Just remembered I had the guitar tab book for this album. Why!?


Big update to our app today - just gonna be spending my day checking everything works and fixing things that don’t. Fun.


What would you rather watch?

  • That Black Eyed Peas song
  • That Surinam Toad video

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Sounds like a great Peirs Morgan tv gameshow!


Love a blast of Korn in the morning!


Indifferent night sleep, finally dropped off around 2am so was up later than I had hoped. The excitement of a penalty shoot out keeping me buzzed, I think.

Work, MH appointment and then some snippery and topiary.

Early night.


If I promise to never post another Black eyed peas video again can we promise never to bring up that horror toad again?




Sorry Witches


My now wife used to have that set to go on as her alarm in the morning when we were at Uni. Terrible state of affairs.


Hello :wave:

work :desktop_computer:

giving blood :syringe:

pub :beers:

Man City v Wolves :soccer:


hot water cut out so just gonna have gross greasy hair today until my housemate pays for some gas


I don’t turn on Korn to get it on
I be playing Jimi Hendrix to the dawn

Evening here, just been at film society, watched a 1950s American noir called the Hitch-Hiker, pretty good.


had dreams about people coming back from the dead though which was cool


No need to apologise! I’m the one who posted the BEP vid :smiley:

That song would without fail be played every time I went to a club. That and pink “get the party started” :persevere:

Honestly tho, I’d probably be delighted to dance to them now. Nostalgia n all that jazz :blush:


Morning all!

I’m only doing a twelve hour day today as I cleverly agreed to cover a night class in Paisley tonight.

It’s going to be a long day.

Morning commute banger:



FAO Manc DiS