Hej! It’s Tuesday! What are you up to this fine day?

I’m off to watch Brommapojkarna later in a Superettan top-of-the-table clash with Dalkurd. Victory pretty much guarantees promotion, I think. They are managed by ‘handsome fridge’ Olof Mellberg.


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Morning ssf!! :wave: :slight_smile:

Football? :+1: sounds good!

I woke up with this in my head, yep.

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My day so far:


Just remembered I had the guitar tab book for this album. Why!?

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Big update to our app today - just gonna be spending my day checking everything works and fixing things that don’t. Fun.

What would you rather watch?

  • That Black Eyed Peas song
  • That Surinam Toad video

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Sounds like a great Peirs Morgan tv gameshow!

Love a blast of Korn in the morning!


Indifferent night sleep, finally dropped off around 2am so was up later than I had hoped. The excitement of a penalty shoot out keeping me buzzed, I think.

Work, MH appointment and then some snippery and topiary.

Early night.

If I promise to never post another Black eyed peas video again can we promise never to bring up that horror toad again?

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Sorry Witches

My now wife used to have that set to go on as her alarm in the morning when we were at Uni. Terrible state of affairs.


Hello :wave:

work :desktop_computer:

giving blood :syringe:

pub :beers:

Man City v Wolves :soccer:

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I don’t turn on Korn to get it on
I be playing Jimi Hendrix to the dawn

Evening here, just been at film society, watched a 1950s American noir called the Hitch-Hiker, pretty good.


No need to apologise! I’m the one who posted the BEP vid :smiley:

That song would without fail be played every time I went to a club. That and pink “get the party started” :persevere:

Honestly tho, I’d probably be delighted to dance to them now. Nostalgia n all that jazz :blush:

Morning all!

I’m only doing a twelve hour day today as I cleverly agreed to cover a night class in Paisley tonight.

It’s going to be a long day.

Morning commute banger:



FAO Manc DiS

Forgot how nice the JUST ADD HOT WATER porridge pots are.

Nothing to report really.

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Left my just-washed jeans on the radiator and oh dear god they’re a bit tight. You can practically see my religion.

Warm out this morning.