Mine says regular but @smee one says It’s Smee. How come I can’t have It’s Smee on mine?

Smee's Adventures On The Peri Peri Hotline

I was wondering this too


Admin witchcraft



I only clicked on this thread cos I thought it said Titties.


Yes admits can change it. I didn’t request my one.


I’d be happy to sign off on masosm having regular penis as his.


Obviously if I were retitling Smeeth I’d put “The Pocket of Smee Coat” @moderators @admins but that wouldn’t be funny at all.


I added it. And Smee’s! Will add more when I get chance


Can I have a title please.




Also are you aware your avi looks like a guy with a huge evil moustache?


:open_mouth: Thank you!

I know, it’s great, man.


i think this should be yours theo