Titus Andronicus

I enjoyed this tremendously:

Very excited for tomorrow




I was trying to write something serious about how The Monitor has the most incredible 1-2 opening punch but actually I think that’s a much better post

Yeah, that was a good read. Thanks. Ever the contrarian, Patrick, eh?

My answer is:

  1. The Monitor
  2. Local Business
  3. Lamentable Tragedy
  4. Airing of Grievances
  5. Productive Cough

See they are doing a huge US tour at the moment, hopefully a return to Europe soon.

Oh, and that mention of the packaging of Lamentable Tragedy in the interview (which is indeed great) reminds me I have a spare copy of the vinyl gathering dust - open to a very reasonable offer or a trade if anyone is interested.

This reminds me that I’ve heard Airing Of Grievances once and I’ve never heard Local Business. Going to have to rectify that seeing I’ve listened to The Monitor and TMLT hundreds of times.

Local business in particular is great and I wouldn’t put it that far behind the monitor. Let down by tailing off badly at the end of the album. But has a few songs that are as good as (if not better) than anything they’ve done


first 3 tracks on local business is their best run of songs imo. can’t really split most lamentable tragedy & the monitor for top spot though

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Good read, but there’s no doubt he’s a contrary, audience-testing little git, and that he denies it is just one more contrary, audience-testing thing about him. Fair play.

Him saying his singing on Monitor is unlistenable, then ranking A Productive Cough above it :joy:

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Yeah ever since Tmlt his voice has been kinda shot on record. No idea if that’s just how he likes it or something

HUGE smoker so I guess he just has to make peace with it.

Done with first listen to the new one. Happily, the single I didn’t like (Society) seems to be the worst track on there for me, and it’s a blast from one end to the other. I do get the sense that it’s maybe TOO rigorous a return to rock. Separating out his two ‘styles’ into two separate albums seems a little counterproductive to me, but perhaps the next one will realign them again.

Anyway, v enjoyable and ends strong.

Titus ranking:

Airing of Grievances
The Monitor

that is all.

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All their albums are good!

The Monitor is clearly the best though

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This album is a blast!

A Titus Andronicus album where they cut out all the faff (even though I do like the faff) and just have ten short and fast rockers is basically everything I’ve ever wanted in the world.

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oddly lack of chat about the new album

it’s pretty pretty good

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Hey Ma sounds like Slade. Its ace

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