Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.


The Darth Vader one is particularly stupid because the design was based on samurai armour in the first place.


Chill out, Theo.


Is this where we mention Akira Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress?


Have you got your tickets for Rogue One yet? 'er indoors made me rebook ours after I happily bought ones for a release night screening where the last two seats were C3 and E8.


Shame one wasnt P0


R2 and D2 would’ve worked better here. Shame.


Is E8-P0 your favourite extended universe droid too?!

We should be pals.


Nah it is P0-E8 and he raps


Lovely bit of fusion, there.


Hello Balonz, I’m curious as to whether you’d consider something like Star Wars Monopoly to be a fusion piece?


domo arigato mr roboto


@ericthefourth is going to be so angry with you!


whiter russian? You’ve been usurped!


Couldn’t resist. I mean, I’m a nerd, but…




No, I don’t agree. R2D2 wouldnt be able to sit in a cinema seat


I’m sure he has a gadget for that


He better not bleep and bloop his way throughout the film. Bin getting shushed.


Oh hi! I missed your post first time round. Sorry!

I have no opinion on this whatsoever.