TK Maxx is great

Never been before this year. It’s great though.


I do not enjoy the experience of being inside one


Takes effort, an effort I’ve not put in for many a day, but yeah, it can be great.

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chicken tikka max

prefer TK Minn

Going to get in early with “I preferred their earlier stuff”

Got loads of nice shirts and cheap Levi’s there in the past but they never have any of either these days

Not bad for socks

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It’s OK Maxx.

Picked up some decent kitchenware in TK Maxx. Good shop.


No, no. I won’t have that.

Don’t mind having a mooch around the homeware but cba rooting about through the clothes

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Think the best thing I’ve ever bought in there was my big green winter coat on 6th November 2017, followed by some red hightop All-stars back in early 2006 and a wallet, date unknown

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My mum never shuts up about TK Maxx so I bet it’s great

Id love to visit one someday

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As in its good for underpants

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Got a nice coat and a hot sauce from there

FRIEDRICH ENGELS: Wow pretty snazzy new manifesto

TK MAXX: I’m past Marxism now I’m all about Living Life to the Maxxism

FRIEDRICH ENGELS: what does that involve

TK MAXX: seize me the means of downing some sweet sweet cans my good man

FRIEDRICH ENGELS: that’s what I call theory

LENIN looks on suspiciously from the distance


Can’t beat a cheeky teeky (maxx)


Great for homeware, cheap but nice smelling candles etc. Also sometimes have some good deals on hair & beauty stuff. Can never be bothered looking through the clothes though, probably should.

Homesense is even better!

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I got a black sparkly tie in there for £5 so can’t complain. Lots of people seemed to just string stuff all over the floor which seemed like an odd way to behave in a shop.

FRIEDRICH ENGELS: wow all that shit in your new surf shack is pretty fucking snazzy old buddy old pal

TIKI MARX: what the fuck engels it’s three in the am what are you doing in my bedroom

FRIEDRICH ENGELS: (shrugs) dunno thought you might want to have a quick game of headers and volleys I’m bored as shit lol

TIKI MARX: what the fuck seize control of a fucking clue you absolute creaser

FRIEDRICH ENGELS: ah you win some you lose some

LENIN headers like a pro in the distance