TK Maxx is great

I’ve bought loads of good stuff there, but it’s very hit and miss. Over the years I’ve bought:

The most comfortable trainers I’ve ever owned (Ecco)
A few pairs of converse
A couple of pairs of doc martins
A few scarves
A few bags
Leather jacket
Two of my favourite pieces of jewellery (sterling silver torque necklace and a sterling silver ring)
Kitchen equipment

Most of my kitchenware is from TK Maxx

I buy nearly all my clothes from Tk.

The trick is the codes on the price tags - they’ll either carry 1,2 or 7. 1 means the garment was produced exclusively for TK Maxx either by a known brand producing something a bit less interesting or a fake brand who only supply TK Maxx. 2 means it’s a genuine garment that has been in the brand catalogue at some time and 7 means a high quality item from a previous season. I try to buy 2 and 7 when I can. These tend to be genuinely reduced from the RRP.


I wouldn’t think about buying socks/pants from anywhere else.

just dropping by to say i also think (!) it is great



This is far too surreal for a Wednesday morning pre-clinic coffee. Please limit your lynch-posting to the permitted evening hours when my brain has lubed itself enough to enjoy without fear.


yeah I too think it’s great

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it’s nice to know that if I want a medium sized shirt I can head straight to the medium sized shirt section and that’s where I’ll find one

other shops should take note


awful place. The mens clothing section seems to solely caters to like 5’8" men and that’s about it. Never anything for BURMAs

There’s are sections depending on how big you are

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come to TK Maxx

I’m 1.71m - that sounds pretty much right to me.

yeah, I know. But they seem to range from small, smaller, very small. Or just random sizes that basically nobody is.

like i said - i think tk maxx is GREAT!

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TK MAXX height 5"8

In america they call it American TK Maxx


I am honoured

Don’t mind the actual shops but the website is better cos you can actually find stuff quickly (or not find it) and then pick it up.

Also they often have those Mozart chocolates, which are great.

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I bought some fingerless gloves from TK Maxx a couple of weeks back.

Normally when I visit I find the place an absolute hell hole though, and the experience of visiting often leaves me traumatised.

It’s my go-to for big ol candles at affordable prices.