TKC listens to RHCP's albums

When I did this for Weezer I did it chronologically but not for this


Track 1

Around the World. I fucking hate this song. Just a bloke scatting over a bassline that sounds like farts. Its so unappealing, awful. The ending is surprisingly good, Frusciante really elevates the band. It doesnt fit though to the song


Parallel Universe. I don’t like Kiedis voice at all. Sounds so insincere and he does comedy bits but its like what… This song is a bit dull, nothing of note but oh wait that ending. The ending to this song is HUGE. I proper love it, just the entire band going all out. Mad how thats the second song


Track 3

Scar Tissue. think this is a lovely song. Not a lot to say as it’s a big hit but it is very nice. Beautiful guitar sound. Kiedis drawl works well. Good song


did you ever finish the weezer one

yeh but then they started releasing albums again and fuck that


3 songs in and I say good album so far

Track 4


What a song this is. Proper captivating one, always has a sense of building up. When they’re being a rock band they can really go


oh here we go, Get On Top

this is fucking shit, Rhymes cuntilla with salmonella. What a load of shite. Intolerable, I hate this band


cba now, lock the thread


Haha. Its a band of good musicians making questionable choices and allowing AK to rap and skit awful lyrics.
A few songs have nice bits in them ruined by bolllox (saviour has a nice mellow section and an overblown load of shit chorus)

I like that one but I always heard the chorus as “Christ, I’m a sock wonder”

Shite band, 4 tunes. Frusciante a total genius though

Two RHCP threads in one calendar year is two too many m9

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