TMI Thread (Rolling)


just had one of those fybogel packets as i’m not very regular at the moment. got anything you’d like to overshare?


any movement yet


nothing yet, still experiencing some slight discomfort



Got the shits in the airport on the way back from my work trip the other day. I can only describe the flight as “harrowing”.

Stuffed myself full of imodium to get through it. Didn’t poo for four days (which is frankly good going for a double dose of that stuff). My farts still sound a bit… strangled.


Last poo was Saturday. Feel fine


it’s not just a thread about pooing, guys


Flatmates got someone back and have been loudly shagging most of the day.
Even did a bit of hoovering earlier, point was missed.


Shout out some requests.




honestly don’t really understand how it’s possible when i have a diet of mainly coffee and burritos but whayagonnado


Think you need more water and/or a bigger run up.


i definitely need to drink more water, permanently dehydrated. feels really alien to me when i’m well hydrated.


really hope no one asks me why i’m laughing out loud here

“just picturing a constipated guy running ass first at a toilet as fast as he can then jumping on it trying to fling the shite out” :neutral_face:


I’ve got a gif for this but I’m not going to post it.


I forgot to put antiperspirant on this morning. I smell.

Why from only one armpit tho? Why?


Have you tried rubbing one armpit with the other one to even it out?


Is this a trick you try on people like the lick your own elbow thing?


my friend was telling me the other day about how their 4 year old has been eating some dairylea or some kinda cheap processed cheese and it’s given her BO in one armpit because it’s brought on some weird early hormonal reaction :nauseated_face: fucking gross


I never play tricks on people.