To do list thread

Shaming people into doing their items is optional but strongly encouraged.

  • book travel home for Christmas
  • book Airbnb for Saturday
  • start Christmas shopping

reply to epimer’s thread with shit joke response :white_check_mark:


Do your expenses epimer, you’re probably due another batch

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Oh god, I do actually need to call someone about an erroneous expense too.


  • find out why Santander have taken £400 out for your car loan when you thought you were finished
  • go to Homebase and buy replacement light bulbs
  • Put air in bike and car tyres
  • do some work


  • get front driver’s side tyre replaced because it’s probably got a slow puncture

why is life so tedious

  • chase Carpetright for part-refund
  • [redacted] for DiS Secret Santa
  • start wrapping
  • check weather and see who’s coming for a walk with us on Saturday
  • Thursday: Purchase feeble public access cable show, and exploit it.
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My to do list is like four pages long m9, some of it ain’t getting done this year (or, ever). This time of year it’s mainly about getting the Christmas shopping done in time and watching enough stuff on the HDD recorder to make enough room for Christmas films. Really need to change my phone provider away from BT as well, I’m paying about £25 a month for absolutely nothing.

Still, one less thing to do as I was about to chase up Mogwai tickets for the Brixton gig next week (ordered in about June and haven’t turned up yet), got a notification they were despatched today.

Tonight ordering some customised Christmas cards for the nieces on Funky Pigeon or similar.


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You can’t have “watch telly” on your list, it makes a mockery of the whole thing.

We have a similar joke in our household, except it revolves around “Santa’s Paradise”: the rap (to the tune of Gangsta’s Paradise) that formed part of the mini-play that Mrs CCB and her friend did at their school’s 6th form show.

Mrs CCB: “we should start the Christmas wrapping tonight”
me, every time: “Now Santa was a man, it was easy to see…”


Plus this is the very definition of a life gone badly awry.

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No it’s a chore because I have to MAKE SPACE whether I want to / have time to or not. I’ll get anxious if I have less than 20 hours space for Christmas films.

Watched a Krysztof Kyszlowski film last night (sorry, not looking that one up), as I’m down to the subtitled films now. Makes them hard to put on whilst doing something else.

Once I record a film I can’t delete it without watching it.

On a positive note, Videodrome was good.

It’s as long as my arm at the moment but one of of the most pressing concerns is picking up some kind of toga and laurel reef for some roman themed murder mystery bollocks (fuck my fml) in time to see my pals back home on saturday.

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banned act


@pickledoeuf to thread

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Oh gosh, I’d forgotten about that

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