To freeze or not to freeze......?!


So i moved into the new flat about 3/4 months ago and forgot to buy a freezer, anyway, i’ve not had one and haven’t missed it all apart from a place to put ice of quickly chill wine/beer.
Very much doubt i’ll get one.

Anyone else without a freezer, do you really need one unless you are @plasticniki and have a shit tonne of bread to store/freeze?!


Yeah, I’d struggle without a freezer I think




do you have an ice box? in the fridge?


Give it until the end of the year (or the next round of sales) and see how you feel.


Peas man


I like having a stock of standard freezer items so there’s always a quick snack/dinner on. Fish fingers, pizzas, chips, potato waffles, peas etc. proper baby food but always comes in handy in a bind


Find it quite useful tbh


Imagine living without I’ve cream


yeah, i do miss not having an emergency dr oetkers


what do you have the potatoe waffles with?


Cunt! Ice cream.


Ben & Jerries are getting more outrageous with their names.


can happily knock a couple back on their own after the pub, or with some fish fingers/sausages & beans or peas or whatever


Do you have an ice box in the fridge YSC?




you’re completely fucked then.



but i rarely need ice for anything


Could very easily live without a freezer, I’ve just realised.


peas dog, peas