To freeze or not to freeze......?!


Without a freezer how do you store hash browns? If you don’t eat hash browns, how do you live with yourself?


sorry to be that guy, but you can store hash browns in the fridge for at least 4 days. say you have a partner and buy and eight pack, you can have two sittings of two hash browns each over a long weekend.

or something



(But yes, imagine!)


Wait, do you still live in Scotland? You can just leave stuff outside, eh?


Sounds like the fucking dream but no way will my partner eat 4 hash browns in a 48 hour period because she refuses to know what joy feels like.


i don’t think i’ve used my freezer in months

i’d be too scared to get rid of it though. I’d suddenly think of something I needed to freeze.


could eat a plate of hash browns right now. maybe chuck a fried egg in the mix too.


I’m basically a walking, talking, breathing Dr Oetker advert, so I’d probably die without on.

dinner time at chez k:


Used to have an under counter fridge and freezer (separate).

Fridge broke and I decided to get rid of both and replace with an under counter fridge that has a freezer compartment at the top. Works well for me are I rarely freeze anything (I’m a bit Pocketmouse about freezing) or buy frozen food, and I now have more space in my very small kitchen to keep my bins hidden away.

Can’t say I have missed having the freezer space, although it is useful to have a small amount. I’d say don’t buy until you actually feel the need.


Think we’d struggle without a freezer.

Space for batch cooking, long-term storage and emergency quick meals has become pretty integral to our routine now.