"To me!" "To you!"sday thread

(The state of that thread title…)

Anyway, how are you all? Back to work after the long weekend?

Bad news is that the new Kasabian song came on the radio as I was driving this morning. Good news is that I always wanted to drive a convertible.


Morning ccb. WFH. Really CBA after the long weekend.

Working from the UK today. I can see the sea.

Staying in a rental place with my mum and her partner over the next couple of days. He snores more than anyone I’ve ever heard - genuinely don’t know how she sleeps through it.

Got Thursday off so I’m going to get battered on Wednesday night.

Got some kind of stabbing pain in my groin, which is nice.

Cba with being back at work in the slightest, and i know my boss is gonna be freaking out which is gonna make this week miserable. Sigh!

Morning Folks!

And what a gloriously sunny day it is too.

On my own today and although not my fault, I’m probably going to have the boss boring on at me for a while about something that went wrong yesterday.

Oh well, gonna treat myself in advance with a bacon and black pudding sarnie :slight_smile:

Morning all! It’s a beautifully sunny day here too.

I have a few invoices and various emails to get done this morning, then I’m out doing work in the sunshine for the day.

Also, c_c_b, that thread title is reprehensible!


Morning. Got a lot of work to do today. A LOT of work. So I’ll be on here loads.



Hi CCB and all

Sunny here too, might actually leave the house at some point today.

Morning all.

WFPH (Parent’s home). Gonna fire up the surface pro in a minute. Dunno what to have for breakfast.

The sun is out but Google tells me it is still cold. I might check this with a dog walk at some point.


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Alright, Tom Jones

No black pudding :frowning:

Oh well this’ll do, I suppose


mornin team,

splendid crisp morn in glasgow, not really feeling work today but no matter as it’s relatively quiet. still feeling pretty drained from what was a rather boozy weekend, might go to the gym tonight.

as hungry as i am right now, that still looks pretty grim


I’ve got to arrange and go to a meeting at a bank about mortgages at lunch time.

Might go for a run after work

Going to an It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia pub quiz tonight


Just waiting outside a property for someone who is already 15 minutes outside of the 8-9am window I gave them. They texted at 8.59am to say they were on their way from the other side of the city. Plus I need the toilet. I’d say that my day could have got off to a better start.

Shit on the doorstep and leave. Two birds, one smelly stone.