To return, or not to return, the Apple Watch edition

So for my birthday I treated myself to an Apple Watch SE. I bought it from Amazon from a reputable seller, and it said condition: new - however after purchasing and it arriving I notice it has quite a few scratches on the corners, despite the listing saying it would be in ‘excellent’ condition.

In comparison, my original apple watch from about ten years ago is almost scratch free and I’m the clumsiest fuck around.

Admittedly it was about £25 cheaper than a brand new watch would be, but now it’s arrived I feel a bit short changed. SO…

  • Return and buy a brand new one
  • Suck it up love they’re only scratches

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Peter Barlow just swapped a scratched iPad on Corra for a motorbike so do that


I’ve a big fuck off scratch on my galaxy watch, not sure how it happened. Looked into getting it repaired but it was almost as much to do that as it was to buy a brand new one - but i am utterly skint so neither option is really viable. Who wants to live life without scars anyway?

Anyway, this interlude is now over so please return to your original programming safe in the knowledge that nothing matters really.

If it’s scratched like that it’s likely been worn or, at least, powered on and in an environment where those scratches could be picked up. Could be a shop display model, or something.

That means it’s not new and you don’t know what else might be wrong with it.

Return it, get a new one.


Thanks folks, have done exactly this.