(To the tune of 'She Bangs' by Ricky Martin) BANAL! BANAL!

Oh baby when she moves, she moves.

I had two pints at lunch and have been good for nothing since.


i have an errand to run after work but i need to go home first and then go back out and i cannot be fuckeddddddddddd

Just been and signed up for a new dentist. How’s that for banal?

NHS or Private?

NHS, I’m not made of money

Anxiety brain made me mis-read a text message from the DWP as saying 13th when it says 18th so I went all the way into town 5 days early. Sake.

I always* sing it to ‘denise denise’ by blondie


  • watch the aqua man film
  • watch the spider man cartoon
  • do something meaningful with your life

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  1. Spider-Verse is great.
  2. Aquaman is prob not.
  3. Don’t kid yourself.
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fyi doing something meaningful is the joke answer you’re not meant to vote for that one


I really want to see Spider-Verse. I think it’s meaningful to do things you enjoy.

HAHA not going to see aquaman, no chance, not unless it’s the Vincent Chase version

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Exactly it is good to do things you enjoy. And Spider-Verse is very enjoyable.

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System training

My colleague just found out she got a job she interviewed for this morning, I’m chuffed for her but also sad she’ll be leaving :sob: Motivation was already quite low as most people have already finished for Christmas here, feel like the next few work days are going to be even less productive now…

Apparently dental check ups are free in Scotland as well as prescriptions - should’ve moved back here ages ago.

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Listening to the last Arcade Fire album, and not hating it. Think I’ve lost it totally now.

I need to leave the house to go buy some tofu

I have been doing some data entry. 20/200 done and it is pain. Doesn’t get more banal than that

It’s a good EP if you take out Chemistry and the two Infinite Contents

Tbf, enjoying it enough with those 3 tracks in there. Amazing what time does, hated it when it was released.

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