To those of you who've made PayPal donations

Thank you to everyone who has supported our site in recent months. At a time when all media and online communities are struggling, it really means a lot that you have supported us as things continue to get tougher and tougher.

Having listened to a lot of feedback, I’m trying to figure out better ways that I can insert our knowledge and passion for music into your everyday life. Seems most people just wanted us to dredge great records to the fore, so I’ve decided to trial a Facebook messenger bot where once a week (or maybe less often) I’ll recommend some music directly to you.

Wanted you to be the first to try it. Here’s the pilot bot that will be refined based on your feedback (and support from the guys at iampop) Redirecting...

Thanks again for your support


p.s. if you’re able to make a quick payment to support the site, you can do so here PayPal.Me or set up a small monthly payment on PayPal here

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Thanks seano

I’ve just set up a PayPal but please don’t take offence when I say that I would pay you 10x more for you to never send me a Facebook bot message x


I’ve just signed up, this sounds a great idea.

Its a pleasure to make a monthly donation, you should be really proud of this place, it means a lot to a lot of people. I would seriously miss it if it stopped, it is so different and welcoming compared to other online platforms.


No worries. Totally understand. It’s just a fancy modern way of doing a mailing list, so I thought I’d give it a go. Catch people where they live, etc.

Crash tested the idea by doing weekly recommendations on my personal Facebook and it seemed to go down pretty well

Thanks to everyone who has tried this out. I’ve simplified it a little now.

Any/all feedback welcomed.


I registered for this but only got round to engaging with it last night. I like it - I picked ‘sad’ of the two options and you/it convinced me to give Ex:Re a go despite having no real intention of doing so (Daughter never clicked for me y’see). And here I am enjoying Ex:Re. Good start!

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id like to help out but i definitely would not like a bot sending me facebook things :man_shrugging:

I clicked on the Redirecting... link and it popped me out of my browser and into Google Play to try and get me to install Facebook Messenger. So I’ll pass on that, thanks.

Will skip transfer my monthly sub across from Patreon to PayPal at some point.

What’s the financial viability of the site like, lately? Any thoughts on the archiving conundrum?

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Don’t worry, the bot won’t send anything, it’ll just be messages from me!

Have you tried it at all? What is it you don’t like about them?

No I haven’t tried it, I try and not use facebook at all ever, I really dislike it, I know other people differ.

Personally I would be much more responsive to an email digest, but i guess this has been tried and tested.


+1 for email

Just imagined the body of this thread being “thanks. Just bought a new phone.”

We salute you