(To what extent) does your partner (or did your ex(es)) know about you posting on DiS?

Please make them aware this is a safe space in which I flirt with their dad and they must stay away.


No that was just the once

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My partner shared a flat with a DiSer when we started going out.

(That wasn’t how we met, that was via a different set of internet people.)

This really helped me appear to be a lot more witty than I am when I was an undergraduate


My partner knows I use the site, mainly to read and lurk for new music, (she actually asks what I’m going to listen to on the Friday and we have a song and dance for it) I actually only post when I’m alone because I’m embarrassed she will take the piss out of me haha. I think she’s generally neutral about it but sometimes I can see that she thinks it’s a little bit weird


Of course

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It could definitely be Tiktokable

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I don’t know why you’d want to hide it really.
At the most what we post is mildly embarrassing, and mostly hugely boring. I’ve always just said I have internet friends I argue about food with which is pretty much the whole truth tbh.


Think they’ve all known, but I put gigs on under the drownedinsound banner for years so :man_shrugging:

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Sub thread - do you reckon any people you know irl have found your DiS profile?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Hard to say

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Love meeting people’s non-DiSing partners in real life and pretending we post way weirder shit than we do


We do post some quite personal stuff at times but if I read right that’s protected by the SSP tag from outsiders right?


I used to spend all my time in the off-topic section of a music forum dedicated to a short-lived sub-sub genre of electronic music (2003-2010). Joined up on there knowing nobody and some of them are now friends for life IRL. Many of them came to my wedding, we still have whatsapp groups to chat shite all day long, go for beers etc.

I’ve now got to the point with my wife that whenever the dreaded “how do you know them?” comes up she just accepts a vague handwave and a “online music friends” as an explanation.

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One of my partners doesn’t know but that’s 100% for her sake rather than mine.

For sure, it’s that balance of being mindful about semi-publicly posting things their boyfriend/girlfriends wouldn’t be happy with and knowing it’s good to have somewhere to vent too
I think if what a DiSer is posting is toooooo negative it’s probably time for them to actually address it irl anyway

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think people in real life would be amazed at how intelligent I am if they ever found my posting on here. I work hard to seem silly due to low self-esteem


Once saw my boss’s screen at a distance looking at what looked like DiS - could’ve been any Discourse based forum I guess, but gave me chills nonetheless.


Pretty sure I’ve posted every thought I’ve ever had on here

Feel like deleting my account all the time before my life gets ruined


Mrs HYG has known for a long long time, one of our early dates was to a xylo open mic night (way too early to be introducing her to people tbh, but I was young and naive).

Think she found it all vaguely daft, but she often took advantage of the wealth of advice here and asked me to post various queries about holidays or household things.

After our first was born she ended up on a mum’s forum (NOT the TERFy one) and now has the same brainworms as I do, so that’s nice (although I think the main posters have all basically migrated to other channels now)

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Yeah we have a lot of conversations that begin with me saying something, her asking where I heard that, and me replying “drownedinsound”

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