Toast - heated and cooked bread


Do you prepare your toast (apply toppings) at the counter where you toasted your toast or at the table where you will consume your toast.

  • Counter
  • Table
  • Something repulsive like thewarn using a grill for toasting

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Not really into toast. I’m not made of money, ffs.


I have gone for counter as that is the usual way I’d do it, though on occasion we might do it at the table (weekends or people staying over).


You sure know how to entertain!


shit! i put counter but i’m a liar, had toast this morning and put the topping (laughing cow) on whilst sat at my desk.

please disregard the whole poll.


hey get this. been getting these massive 5l cans of high quality organic olive oil, which is delicious, and has led to me having for breakfast maybe 3 times a week:
warmed bread and a dish of oil and salt (sometimes oregano too) that I dip the bread in. Consume fuckloads of oil this way it probs aint great.



Have you ever fully prepared toast for an adult that you have not had sex with?

  • Yes
  • No

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Laughing Cow > Dairylea


If we’re pulling out all the stops, we’ll even use teaspoons to dispense the breakfast condiments. Take that muthafuckers.


If I’m just having toast I’ll do it at the counter. If I’m having a full English or whatever I’ll bring a pile of toast to the table and butter it as I go


I have never had sex with toast.


Fuck it, we didn’t want the polls anyway!


a grim peek behind the curtain this


Alright, Farage


You are missing out!


I don’t understand what your problem with using the grill for toasting is? You can make it just the perfect amount, albeit with more effort required.


Theo, please, it’s the festive season… don’t try and bring us all down.


I answered counter, but the answer is actually “both”: I’ll butter the toast at the counter and then we’ll put jam, marmalade and Marmite out for people to help themselves to. It also means that Mrs CCB gets her toast while it’s nice and warm, rather than having to wait around for me to put Marmite on my toast.


Does that mean you can see the polls? Because I can’t.