Toast (multi poll thread)


Settle an office-based disagreement…

A round of toast is…

  • A single slice
  • Two slices
  • Any number of slices serves at one time

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I prefer…

  • Lightly toasted
  • Well toasted
  • I’m a Tory

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  • Butter
  • Marg

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I’ll get a round in


*served, obviously.



How is Jean?


She’s on a touch-typing refresher course in Tredegar, against my better judgement i might add. She’s not the woman she was, but she’s been here since 1986 so we can’t get rid of her without an employment tribunal. It’s costing me £10,920 a year for a morning coffee and for someone to Febreeze the shitters.


Hey, she’s the one who has to suffer time in Tredegar.


I’ve never heard the term ‘a round of toast’!


northern thing. my mum (from Liverpool) refers to things as ‘rounds’ all the time.


Found it strange when my wife thought I was having 4 slices the other day when I said I was having a ‘couple of rounds of toast’. I thought she was the one in the wrong - having just seen the results of that poll though, it’s clear that a lot of you are wrong too.

  • White
  • Brown
  • Wholemeal
  • Some pretentious nonsense
  • Steven

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Granary wholemeal.


ffffFire… the nYOO…clear weapons


yeah this is literally the first time i’ve ever heard this phrase


Steven. Steven, can you hear me?

  • Who’s this prick?
  • Yes I can hear you Clem Fandango

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Sourdough pls


That’ll be £6 please.


Cut into

  • Rectangles (horizontally)
  • Triangles (diagonally)

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oooh just realised where harry potter diagon alley comes from!