Toast of Tinseltown

Anyone really looking forward to this on Monday?

Please reassure me it’s going to be good.


Larry David

Gone early have they


V pleased with first ep


My TiVo has played its usual trick and refused to record it.

But Fuck you tivo it’s on iplayer, hah! Touché!!


That laptop was one of the worst screen replacements I have ever seen.

Was that the point? Genuine question

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

My second monitor now has a second purpose while I’m working.

First scene in with LD and it’s a bit awkward.

Didn’t really like that ep. Will rewatch, but didn’t do it for me

Turned off episode 1 after 5 minutes. The timing and reactions seemed off somehow, wasn’t enjoying it.

Have been rewatching the previous series and the bit where it’s cutting between his explanation about giving away the ending to the play he was in with all the different people and then he’s with mrs p and doing the sex faces while explaining it and it zooms out and she’s pegging him gets me cry laughing every time

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The awkwardness and the silly amateurishness were always part of the fun, but I’d agree that the first episode didn’t seem to hit the mark. Watched the second too last night and seem to remember that being better.

Exactly, but something felt different with this, it’s usually part of what I like about Toast so much.


Oh they are all on iplayer that is tonight sorted.

yeah some of the timing seemed off, Ray Purchase felt like he’d forgotten how to play Ray Purchase a bit

some quite funny bits though (enjoyed the head banging)

hoping it was just a slightly laboured episode setting up the plot of the rest of the series

Wasn’t Ray Purchase supposed to be off because he’d been at Des Wigwam’s?

yeah i put it down to that but then even angry Purchase felt a bit different

Chickentoss :smiley:

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Amazed at the negative reaction. Thought it was the funniest thing I’d seen on tv for ages.

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Watched it all. Pretty disappointing to be honest. Got better as it went on, but definitely not as good as I wanted it to be.