Toasted hot dog roll

Full of baked beans and topped with cheese.

Optional additions could be types of sauce, bacon bits, fried onion, etc.

Obviously cut in a way where it wouldn’t spill out before any smartarses jump in.


some sort of beans IN toast…

mad scientist experiment GIF


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but why would you cut it!? get it in your gob!

Think he meant the initial cut to create a well for the beans actually.

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ahhh, i see. I go pre-cut for speed and ease!

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Really on board with this tbh.


hot dog roll


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I knew you would be. Seal of approval. Nothing else matters.

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Would have to stick it in the oven or grill for a minute to melt the cheese and create a secure roof.


Why does this sound like a jacket potato from wish


I totally misread this as being a hot dog with the roll roasted and then also adding beans

anyway, this is firmly in the box marked ‘would never make myself but if someone else did I admit it might be excellent’

"So I needed to toast the hotdog roll in a way that gave it that crispy deliciousness but kept the structural integrity of needed to support the beans. I initially tried toasting the roll in the oven but

[Cut to image of guy throwing a sack of blackened hot dog rolls out a car window]

So instead what I did was a created a toasting caddy for an individual roll by creating a plaster cast model of a typical hotdog roll and then pouring this liquid aluminum I had around the mold, but the aluminium started leaking so…"

A British chilli dog by all accounts. Would work.

Take it to the tinned things in toasties thread


Aren’t hot dog rolls really soft? I wonder about the integrity of this.

And I wonder why we’ve all forgotten about breakfast baguettes too

adds baguette, sausage, bacon , eggs to shopping list

I don’t agree with this but do agree that hot dog rolls are under utilised

Hot dog buns are too fragile

Think French style hot dogs where baguettes are impaled on hot spikes are underrated and underrepresented. Sturdy