Tobe Hooper RIP

Poltergeist and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Other films of his nowhere near as good as those two but Texas Chainsaw…one of the best horror films ever and so influential.

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was thinking of watching a bunch of his films I haven’t seen, but I haven’t got round to it yet. Lifeforce and Invaders from Mars are on netflix (and TCM 2 but I’ve seen that). I’ve also got Salem’s Lot somewhere.

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Have to pick and choose a little from his post Poltergeist filmography to avoid some fairly awful stuff (Lifeforce is great fun however). Body Bags, made with John Carpenter, is easily his most entertaining later period work. His remake of The Toolbox Murders is decent too. Also worth checking out his two episodes from the Masters Of Horror series, The Damned Things and Dance Of The Dead (the latter scored by Billy Corgan :+1:)

The impact made by TCM was immense and it influenced so many great (and some not so great…) films that came shortly afterwards. Opened the door for the likes of John Carpenter to do Halloween

cheers - I’m not expecting most of them to be good (if I ever get around to watching them!). Kinda curious about the Mangler, since it looks so stupid.

I will investigate the Masters of Horror things - the only episodes I’ve watched (can’t even remember which tbh) seemed kinda cheap and shitty but maybe I was expecting something that they weren’t going for