Toby Driver + Kayo Dot (Rolling)

Thought I would make a thread for one of my favourite artists/songwriters/composers so that I could basically post endless updates into the void. His 20 year career spans multiple bands/monikers/genres - 90s euro metal, post-rock, avant-goth and more recently chamber pop. Barely any two of his 30+ records sound the same but all sound like him.

His latest solo record They Are The Shield was released in 2018 and is probably his most accessible and successful to date. Floaty, chamber pop talk-talk vibes.

In 2019, he’s started a subscription model type thing via bandcamp for super fans who want extras, outtakes, bonus content etc.

Kayo Dot LP9 has been finished since mid-2018 and is awaiting release on prophecy records:

Here are an assortment of favourite tunes:

Prog metal

Off-kilter murakami-esque post-rock ballad

Retrofuturistic goth fusion

Avant metal

Goth ballad

A song about his cat (that has a face like a squirrel)

Hopefully, you might find something to enjoy in his work.


Vaura have a new record coming in 2019 too

They Are The Shield was one of my favourite records from last year and wasn’t sure where to go from there, so really grateful for this!

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Madonnawhore would be the obvious place to go from there, or maybe Blue Lambency Downward if you think you’d be into woodwind skronkiness.

Surprised I didn’t know Madonnawhore already, being released by The Flenser and all. Woodwind skronkiness is also good by me.

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New record ‘Blasphemy’ out in early September on prophecy yeeessssss



The woodwind skronkiness of Blue Lambency was also much appreciated, as expected :slight_smile:

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I love maudlin of the Well

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Weirdly I got into them last and i still struggle with them a bit next to KD.

I have yet to find anything by Kayo Dot I enjoyed anywhere near as much as motW.

I find there’s something missing without the Metal and extreme dynamics, plus I often find Kayo Dot’s music to meander too much.

I think the last record I checked out from KD, while had some moments, Toby was constantly swallowing right up close into the microphone and it hurt my enjoyment.

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It’s out!!! :partying_face:

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9/10 from metal injection

Lot of people saying it’s their most accessible record.

This is really good! Not overly familiar with any of their/his output but this is right up my street

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What are your thoughts ericV? Probably my favourite since Hubrardo. I think I prefer Kayo Dot when they’re more all over the place and doing shorter songs, even if that isn’t what you’d associate them with. The last two tracks are brilliant.

i like it but wouldn’t say it’s fully clicked for me yet. got the deluxe vinyl boxset thing the other day so have sorta been saving myself for that. gonna properly blast it at the weekend

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Solo EU tour coming soon

I have some solo shows abroad coming up soon:
SAT 28 MARCH @ Atrium Žižkov, Prague, CZ (Žižkovska Noc Festival)
THU 2 APRIL @ The Hope & Ruin, Brighton, UK with Nick Hudson
FRI 3 APRIL @ The Yorkshire House, Lancaster, UK with Nick Hudson
SAT 4 APRIL @ The Peer Hat, Manchester, UK with Nick Hudson
MON 6 APRIL @ Servant Jazz Quarters, London, UK with Daniel O’Sullivan and Nick Hudson

Also, Nick and I have released a new collaborative meditation today, just recorded last week. Please have a listen and throw some support our way if you can!

Manc on a Saturday!

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Let’s get this to Christmas number one!!

made a thing which nobody will get


Well you’ve inspired me to dive in and see.

That live video and sound near the start really reminded me of various DIY gigs I attended or was involved in where you’d get bands that called themselves ‘collectives’ who just got up and blew you away and then you felt like whatever money they might make that night was criminally lacking.

Starting my Toby Driver experience with Choirs of the Eye

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