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Today in 1955 the 15 year old Claudette Colvin refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white woman. But because she was a more fun loving individual someone else became the famous civil rights agitator in history. Seeing this come up today, I thought it’d be interesting for us to think about stuff that happened in the past.


Seventeen sweet years since the US invaded Afghanistan.


Last day of the miner’s strike.


Today in 1966 John Lennon told the Evening Standard that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. When this story was republished in the USA in a teen magazine the following July it led to mass burning of Beatles records and other protests

John Candy died 25 years ago today

Love that bloody man, nice clip below

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Today in 1933 there were elections in Germany. The Nazis gained 44% of the votes. They were forced to form a coalition with another right wing party but later, within months, banned all other parties. We all know what happened after that…

Happy Birthday to these fellas!


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This time 3 years ago I came across this scam


In 1836 the Alamo was overrun by Mexican troops after a 12-day siege.

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And one year ago, I remarked on Tesco’s excellent cross-selling techniques

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History. Not posts on DIS.

On 9 March 1916, General Villa ordered nearly 100 Mexican members of his revolutionary group to make a cross-border attack against Columbus, New Mexico

wait fudges aren’t 10p anymore?


Five years since Bob Crow died.

oh wait I missed it.