Today is a Thursday, so this is THE Thursday thread. Accept no substitutes

Back to Excel for more Google Cloud stuff today, then a Primal Scream Q&A at HMV and drinks with an ATD.


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hi Colin!

I’m going to clean my bathroom today :grimacing:

say hi from me!


Hi Bam!


There’s a female DJ on stage at the moment.

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cool lighting!

Google have mailed the aesthetic of this whole thing. It’s the first time I’ve been to Excel and not felt like I’m in a big aircraft hanger.

The word NEXT is actually 4 square screens rather than static as well.

I’m off to the doctor’s to get my pill because for some reason even though I’ve been on the same one for years I can’t get it on repeat prescription. My surgery only does same-day appointments so I’m hoping they still have some by the time I get there.

Giving blood later, might mix it up and get a mint Club instead of orange.


I over drank last night whilst listening to lots of frank Sinatra. Woke up salivating at the thought of a greasy sausage, egg and tottie scone roll.
The god damn van wasn’t there! :weary: why is life so unfair :weary::weary::weary::weary::grinning::wink:
Coffee for this disser.


Went to get a coffee from my favourite coffee shop, it’s closed!! I checked and it shouldn’t be closed. Boooo

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Ahh fuck there’s a queue stretching outside

Today sucks :weary:

Bloody Mary?

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While this sounds good, reading this also instantly transported me back to the 90s…


Sounds like last night was worth it tho!!

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My time machine…it worked!

I’m also seeing Mark Kozelek tonight. Really not arsed. More excited about #trainbeers on the way in tbh.

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Not sure it would send out the right signals if I started drinking a Bloody Mary at my desk :grimacing:

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It was fun.
And I also picked up the new GFT programme and just look what’s playing next month:

I’ve never seen it on the big screen :grinning::+1::grinning:


Worky work and a haircut/cut throat shave later.

My office smells like bananas.

Amazing :smiley: !!

Was going to go see Halloween last night at the cinema but couldn’t in the end :cry: would have loved to see it on the big screen too!