Today is international tell your crush you fancy them day!




I fancy all the hot chicks right here on


This rediculously hot person at my work is attending a party I’m also going to at the end of the month. Might go for it now just to make it really awkward.


we fancy you too!!!


you have to do it TODAY


would like to fancy and be fancied maybe I’ll just use today to imagine the feeling of safety and warmth that comes from being loved.

mmmm nice feelings.




What if telling someone you fancy them endangers current relationships and just causes unessesery pain and bother for all three parties involved? Oh well… yolo!


Imagine what the world would be like if everyone did this. I’m not sure if it would be amazing or terrible (or maybe we’d break even in the global happiness stakes).


I didn’t see her but I probably wouldn’t have told her




I imagine it will be great as it’s often the norms that create the tension. More openness would be great.

Polyamory is great and ultimately something I would like to try. But it’s hard to balance if jelousy is involved. If one or both of the partners have an anxious mind I think it can compromise the relationship.


lots of jealousy isn’t necessarily healthy in any relationship though. and like any successful relationship, poly ones require lots of work and reflection.


Dear All The Ladies and Some Of The Guys of DiS,

I fancy you all!!



one of my crushes already knows I fancy her. and she fancies me too!!

should I tell my other crush I fancy her? is this a legit day?


I just googled “crush fancy day” and this thread was my first result


For sure. But an honest admission that jelousy might build in such a situation i think is a fair thing to acknowledge. No one should be pushed, forced, or feel guilty about not wanting to be in a poly or open relationship.


well, yeah


Feel like I’ve already told them through the medium of excessive Facebook liking