Today is my Friday (morning thread)

Morning everyone :wave: we’ve nearly made it!!!

How we all doing?

(if today isn’t yr Friday – unlucky m8!)


Morning Tuna. Busy day ahead:

WFH but not sure can log in, need to sort that ASAP

Need to clean bike urgh

Having an x-ray this afternoon

Meeting my pal for a film and pizza tonight, need to get him card and maybe a present as it’s his birthday soon

Also there’s a mountain of washing up and laundry but I can’t do the latter until I’ve washed my bike


I drank all the drink last night. I need so much juice and coffee. :thinking: maybe a bacon roll.

MD is visiting today :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

Got up early to play bass before I start my course in Local Government Studies. Heading to the rugby with my Dad and my mates later. Stay good DiS!


Morning folks. Today is my Monday, so that’s rubbish. I’ve recovered from whatever made me ill yesterday just in time to go back to work, fucking typical. Should have a pretty easy day though, and I might make a roast later, so that’s alright.

I do have brand new socks to put on so there’s that I guess :+1:


One of life’s little joys!


New Aphex Twin EP
New Disintegration State release
New drum machine being delivered
No plans this weekend
Feeling quite good today as a result


Today is my second Saturday.

Wednesday was my Friday. Monday will be my… Monday.

Was up early and thought I’d get up the leisure centre early so I could have a swim before the schools start turning up. Sis-in-law has parked behind me on the drive though and I doubt we’ll see her out of bed for another hour or so, so that’s scuttled that plan.

When she does eventually get up to shift her motor, I will be going to the gym. Then spend the rest of the day playing video games probably.

Making nachos and tacos for dinner tonight :ok_hand:

I had to drive to work because it was pissing down.

Possibly making cassoulet tonight but I’ve got a class and a stackof marking to tame first.

Hey @Bamnan, look who is playing tonight at the venue I’ve just been to.


Carrying on your peak disism then? Flat white, kedgeree, a half pint of 8% custard beer and Kozelek on today’s menu?


I have some leftover chorizo stew for lunch today and I am very much looking forward to it. When is the earliest I can justifiably eat it?

Have it for breakfast, then get something else for lunch.


Listen to @urbanfox’s advice.


Absolutely :grinning::+1:

Onto Seattle today sadly so won’t have the opportunity. But I’ll tut loudly about how you can’t get a good independent coffee shop anymore.


Had not even dreamed of this as a possibility!

On a train to That London for a work thing