Today is my monday

hello folks, what’s happening? should be hearing back about that job today fingers crossed. should also really go to the gym, aint been in ages. otherwise drinking coffee and about to watch frasier as per.

sup wiyoo?

Fingers crossed e4!

I’m WFW. Got someone coming in for an interview. I still hate conducting interviews. Climbing this evening - classic me.

Added a shot of espresso to my morning Huel - it’s currently all chilling in the fridge. I believe it will be a delicious addition.


There is about three quarters of a Hawaiian pizza on the ground outside my house. I don’t know how it got there. Possibly a horse’s head in a bed type warning? From the adult baby I massively irked yesterday? It’s a mystery.

No plans for the week. Still feeling a bit fragile, so one day at a etc.

One of ussssssssss

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Can confirm that a shot of espresso is an excellent addition.

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It’s too early.

I do a spoonful of instant coffee (if I’m not using the banana stuff) and that is good, so I can only imagine that your high-falutin’ method is even better.

Morning. Came in an hour early to finish off some work. Slowly realising that a lot of my deadlines are completely unrealistic.

Still really sad about Bill Paxton :cry:

Bought a new bike yesterday after my old one ended up under a car 6months ago. Thought I would take a while to pluck up the courage to get on the roads but as soon as I’m on it, zoooooooom!

Commute is cut down massively now so I’m still in bed :sunglasses:

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Given the choice I’d rather not be working today. Just…can’t really be bothered. I suppose that’s one of the warning signs that perhaps I should be looking for a new job.

Watched I, Daniel Blake last night. It was fine, very well-acted, but I’m not quite sure I understand why it got so much plaudits on release - middle-class guilt?

Fingers crossed Eric!

I’m pottering around my apartment, trying to work out how to apply for residency. I still don’t really have any of my stuff so there isn’t an awful lot I can do at the moment. Might go for a walk later and explore.

Started watching The OA last night and it is ‘quite good’.

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Absolute relevance, more like.

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Sure, but does that give it an automatic pass? Y’know, like if you dare to say anything bad about it then you’re a monster who doesn’t care about the Issues.


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Morning eric4th, good luck for the job.

I have deadlines this afternoon and tomorrow and some important admin to do so today I will most likely be wasting lots of time and then realising it’s lunchtime and I haven’t done any work

^massive tory :wink:

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Mornin team,
Went to the film festival closing shindig last night, film wasn’t up to much, lots of free booze after was good though.
It’s nice out

True blue, me.

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good morning egf, att, e eeurghvfeck i’m too knackered to do this


Oh fucking yes I forgot about that