Today is Saturday

And I’m working on the weekend for the first time in nearly five years :cry:

What’s going on everyone?

Oh Tilly that is mince, hope your day at work goes quickly!

I’m meeting my pal’s new baby today, wee Harry, and we’re all going for lunch at Dishoom :yum: Gonna pop to the Tate after that cos I haven’t been in time then meeting some other pals for drinks in Brixton tonight :beer:


That sounds like a top day!


Morning Tilly!! Sorry to hear that :confused: I’ve conjured all kinds of evil spirits, sold my soul etc so I can guarantee your day will fly by!! :smile: your welcome :blush:

@Jeremys_Iron my friends and I are going to dishoom too!! Our intention was for breakfast but I reckon it’ll end up being for lunch. Tho, if we’re going for lunch I think I’d rather Wahaca.

Interesting bit of info for you there!


Having a McDonald’s breakfast (double sausage and egg mcmuffin, tea and 2 hash browns). Then jumping on a train to bogland to meet some bog dwellers and eric


yo yo yo!

Off to see a friend later


Ooft! What a coincidence. Should we both look at the menu now so we don’t order the same thing :wink: Yeah I kinda wanted to go for breakfast for that bacon naan but not to be. I’ve never even been to Dishoom either, I’m excite!

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I’m the kind of person who is going to order what I want no matter what the other person orders!! So you may copy me if you like, I don’t mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

By the by, anyone know If wahaca have good vegan options?


Do you have a go to at Dishoom? I’m looking at the menu but I’m open to recommendations, especially from someone who’s been before. I’m putting my lunch in your hands m9, THE PRESSURE!

I’ve only been once and had a naan with sausage and egg so I don’t feel I can really comment just yet! Absolutely everything looked really really good tho!!

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Staying at my grandparents who are a GBOL. Then off to a wedding an hour away where I know only the TV and the couple and can’t drink as I’m driving. Wish me luck!
Currently working on some music.

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THANKS FOR NOTHING :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m looking at the Edinburgh menu now - just order the big breakfast.

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You are very welcome

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Breakfast will have finished by the time we make our reservation chief.

Morning! Got loads of prep to do for my daughter’s birthday party tomorrow. Check out the cake my GF’s made!


Think the sweet potato burrito is vegan


Oh man that is fantastic! Props to your girlfriends :wink:

Morning :wave:

Going library soon if I can convince R. No idea what to do with the rest of the day. I would very much like to eat lots of delicious food that someone else has made but that isn’t going to happen.

Not a lot going on today. The tv is planning a day of writing stuff so I might take a walk up to the Argyle v Pompey game I couldn’t get a ticket for and see if anyone in the pubs got a spare. Or I might lie on the sofa, job hunt lazily and eat crisps, who knows?