Today is Saturday

Still in bed at the moment but going to practice interviewing myself later as i have an interview on wednesday for a job dealing with something I’ve been waiting for a job to come up for for about 4 years.

Morning mates!

Had a pretty shit night’s sleep, so pretty knackered. Weather’s good though innit?

Making music this morning, then heading out to Wildcard brewery for a few beers for an ATD’s birthday this afternoon and dinner with the wife in the evening. Should be alright!

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My grandparents are famous in our family for having food which is well past its use-by date. Just clocked the packet of bacon being cooked is use by yesterday (which ain’t bad by their standards). Am I going to be ok?

Was working on a planned ambient interlude this morning which has morphed into another accidental banger.



He was one of the good’uns

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Good track title!

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You’ll be fine. Don’t worry too much about the dates - use your eyes and nose and trust your judgement.

99% of the time it wont result in your death


Yeah was thinking ‘Unplanned Bangers’ would be a great album title

Morning all.

Long dog walk later, incorporating a pub lunch with some ATD’s. Then this evening I have a pal’s 80’s themed fancy dress 40th birthday party.

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This is the problem with people - you try to help someone and they throw it back in your face.

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Can someone No0b glossary this for me?

Pass cook babtridge epimer


Either way, that sounds like a strong Saturday.

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door buzzer woke me up, I’m expecting a delivery so went to get it. some prick looking for a different flat who had already been let in by someone else by the time I made it to the buzzer. fuck sake.



Post can’t be empty.


Still in bed. My biceps are looking great today.

Gonna take a walk into town

THIS SWEET SHOP HAS PRETZEL FLIfive pounds?! Fuck off.