Today is Tuesday, September 22

Happy Birthday, Emmanuel Petit!

Went out for a burger last night, also drank a 10% Triple IPA that was like a punch in the face! Woof! Didn’t sleep well (not sure if they’re related).

How are you, buddies?



Going into the town centre for the first time since March and trying not to be scared. So many people :grimacing:

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Hi ssf, fl, everyone yet to come. I’m feeling remarkably hangover free, had such a good day yesterday too :slightly_smiling_face: Not sure what’s going on today, hopefully the supermarket because there’s no food and I’m hungry.


Headphones and sunglasses with a mask does feel very protective and like “safe”. Like I feel tucked away from everyone and it’s quite soothing (that’s if you’re not claustrophobic about things on your face/head)


As in “safe” from anxiety and society

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Good morning friends :slight_smile:
Got a little foldaway exercise bike being delivered at some point, and then I’m going to assemble it. Which couldn’t possibly go wrong at all.
Had loads of those realistic, hectic dreams last night so now very snoozy :sleeping:


Bookmarking this post for later use.


:smiley: I’ve got a screwdriver and a can do attitude monsieur funk! It’ll be grand

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Glad you had a gr8 time, birthday brother!!

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You too, got a bit of burger envy.

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Do we have to?

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Why am I sleeping so badly at the moment??? Even a load of wine and going to bed at half midnight had me waking up before 8 for no good reason. Fuming.

In a much better mood than yesterday though.

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That’s the plan :+1:
(well, as much as my photochromic lenses decide they want to be sunnies)

I wish I was a hat person too so I could could hide under a hat, still at the stage with that it would cause more anxiety than it would solve though.

Going to treat myself to a trip into hobbycraft too if the stuff I need to do doesn’t wear me out too much :+1:


mornings have a particular smell

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no weak bants

Farts and coffee. Or are you on about outside?

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Good luck today! Hope it goes well :blush:
Have fun and be yourself!!


thAnk you

but also urhggghghhgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Why on earth would you tell him to do that!


Brackie Stallone has died


I’m in the office for the first time since March. It’s so odd. There’s no one else here and there is hand san literally everywhere.

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